Post office

[2017.06.29] “Anonymous Letters” could be thoughts of one person about another, thoughts of a person towards an insect or animal, vice versa, or an OMail character about another…well, use your imagination. Most likely, it should fit just about any case.

[2017.06.11] “Isabel and Annabel” was written in July 2012. That should explain all the…differences… In addition, “Blame it on School” was back in 2014.— Rita Jay

Recently published

[2018.05.06] Dream Collection: Wheelchair Mystique

[2017.08.10] Mailbox Collection: Stören

[2017.06.29] Anonymous Letters: Know

[2017.06.16] Other stories: Hushabye

[2017.06.15] Mailbox Collection: Bad Things

[2017.06.11] Mailbox Collection: Blame it on School

[2017.06.11] Other stories: Isabel and Annabel

[2017.06.09] Jayden Miller stories: Queer Orphanage

[2017.06.09] Lady Cora: Making a scene

[2017.06.08] Lady Cora: Spotlight

[2017.06.07] Letters to Mozzy: Hard to get

Site updates

[2017.06.29] Added a new page, “Anonymous Letters“, to the poetry section.

[2017.06.08] Added a new page, “Lady Cora“, to the poetry section. Check it out anytime!

[2017.06.07] Our Wix site has been removed from our list of updates. From now on, simply tune in to WordPress right here!


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