Letters to Mozzy

|Letters to Mozzy| A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

Note: written in the summer of 2012

I pass lonely nights in winters
You spend summer nights with me

In the past,
You would come when the cold Conditio left
Then you would take his place
And whisper in my ear,
Wake me from my deep slumber

Tonight they all said you wouldn’t be here
They said you wouldn’t like
My new fragrance of rosemary

But in the middle of the night
When Conditio left again
I woke to find traces of you
All over my body

Why must you love me so much
That you choose to overcome rosemary
To leave red, swollen marks everywhere?

I was forced to invite Conditio again
With the click of a button
In an instant, you were gone

One day, I will find a way
To shield myself from your vicious beating

Another night, I woke at 4:22
To find you with me
Sucking off my skin

I grabbed a notebook
And slammed it into you
It hurt to depart with you
But at last you are gone.


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