Gallons of Tears

Gallons of Tears | Chapter 1

She was all I ever wanted. No matter how many nights the Angel visited me in my dreams, Safrina was all I ever thought about. I guess this was a trick Cupid played on me.

“Kaleb!” there came the sweet voice. Finally, it was she that came to me first.

“Hey there, Safrina,” I greeted back with a slight wave as the tiny girl came running cheerfully. Her honey-brown waves were tied into a high ponytail today, with two delicate braids within.

She spun around once. “How do I look?”

I examined her shining hair, small frame, and the cute bubbly dress. This was exactly her type. “Perfect.”

“Thank you so much, Kaleb!” Safrina rejoiced, enthusiastically grasping both my arms and flinging them around, her soft green eyes sparkling. “You are the best!”

Baffled, I chuckled softly, patting her hand. “What’s the good news? You seem so happy.”

At my question, she grinned even wider. “Lex asked me out!”


I had to muster all my strength to keep a smile on my face as she went on. “You know him? Lex is the hottest dude in the whole grade–maybe even the whole school! It’s been taking me forever to finally get to this point, now I’m flying!”

Right. Go ahead and fly, dear Safrina. I’m dying.

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