Gallons of Tears

Gallons of Tears | Chapter 5

“Good night, Kaleb,” Engeline greeted me as usual when I entered my dreams.

“Hello, Engeline.”

“How was today?”

And I told her, as usual. The comfort she gave me was just as soothing as before, until she said, “When will you leave me?”

“Excuse me?” I thought I’d heard her wrong. For the past five years, she’d always told me she would be here for me every night. I saw her more than I saw Safrina.

“Do you know why I’m here?”

I shook my head, but I knew.

“I’m here to heal your suffering soul, Kaleb.”

“You said you’d be here for me.”

“As long as you are suffering, you’ll still have endless nights to spend with me. When you get well again, I’ll be gone.”

“I like spending time with you.”

For a while, Engeline merely stared at me. Then, she said, “You and your eyes are very attractive. You could easily find someone else.”

“There is only Safrina.” Rina.

Engeline hugged me. “There’s for tonight.” Just like that, I woke up. It was morning again.

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