Gallons of Tears

Gallons of Tears | Chapter 8

“I was about to say it, Engeline. I nearly did. Had she not cut in with her best-friend-declaration, I would have.” Then, I winced. “I’m glad I didn’t.”

Engeline was smiling at me sadly. She sat about seven feet away, on a smooth rock. Between us was a river, along with grass everywhere. The void was truly colorful that night. I wonder what caused that?

“Why are you smiling? And…why are you so far away tonight?” I was confused.

“Oh, Kaleb…” Engeline was smiling even more now. She even let out a soft chuckle. “It’s been a while since you talked that much.”


She nodded.

“Give me some advice please.”

The subject had already changed, but as usual, Engeline followed every step, traced every thought. “Love is all about protecting and providing, according to the Laws of the Angels.”

I gazed at her for a moment. There she was, sitting sideways on a rock with her hands on her lap, her hair flowing, wings folded, with the gentlest eyes I’ve ever looked into.

“Protect and provide…” I repeated to myself.

“Yes, Kaleb. Protect and provide, even if it means sacrifice,” her voice rang in my head as I woke up.

I didn’t even notice that the daily hug was missing.

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