Snowbound Land

Snowbound Land | 10. Moon 2.0

Out in the forest, where nobody lingered, Phoebe spoke to the moon, and the moon spoke back to her.

“You have left footprints all over the land,” the moon told her, “How could you still do what you intended to do?”

“That’s what I came here for.”

“Your ultimate target was Hector himself, and every king like him. Is Alexander a king who fits in your sphere of targets?”

“He is. Sort of.”

“You had the perfect chance. You chose not to use it. You have the power to change the seasons or destroy everything if you so wished But everything is already settled.”

“I will have plenty of chances from now on too, but I guess I won’t use them either.”

“What’s been given to you cannot be taken away, and what’s been paid cannot be refunded. But if your choice has been made, hesitate no further.”

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