|Dream| 10

“And now you’re just a ghost
When I look back, never would have known that
You could be so cold”

Mary was singing with her lute somewhere in the house, but not in the common room. She’d said that her voice would sound better “there”.

But Simon was so curious. He tip-toed towards the music.

A faint blue light glimmered, peeking out from the back of a door. The rest of the house was dark.

Simon pushed the door open.

The light came from Mary herself. She turned to him and stood. He saw that she was no longer opaque, or even human. She was a translucent apparition.

“Simple Simon,” she said. “Poor Simon. The lyrics warned you.”

“What?” He glanced around the room.

The tension suddenly evaporated. “My souvenirs are in another room,” Mary said with a bright smile. “You want to see them?”

Someone knocked on the front door then. Mary floated back into the common room with Simon at her heels.

“Open the door yourself,” she said. The door opened.

“Hello,” a young man greeted them.

The woman next to him shoved him away without looking at him. “Mary,” she said. “We’re Aphrodite and Cupid. Why are you here?”

“Aphrodite?” Simon asked.

“What do you mean?” Mary asked. “This is my house. Of course I’m here.”

“You should be with Hades,” the goddess confronted. “You’ve been dead for ten years.”

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