Snowbound Land

|Snowbound Land| 12. Hidden identity 2.0

“What did you come here for?” Phoebe asked Hector’s general.

“I don’t know.”

“Then, why don’t you fight Hector with the army behind you?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” The general saluted to Phoebe, and brought his army back down, joining Alexander’s against Hector.

It was only when the general was gone that Phoebe turned around to face the King. He was staring at her in utter shock. Perhaps some things didn’t need to be spoken to be understood.

“I don’t know him,” she answered. “Sire, I’ve got a confession to make.”

“You most certainly do.”

“I was the Phoenix.” That was her first confession. Phoenix was known as the only female ruler in contemporary history, and for defeating any ruler who targeted her land. A year or so ago, news of Phoenix suddenly vanished. Rumors said Hector had finally taken her down, but nobody confirmed it. Not even Hector himself.

She told him more. She told him how her land had been reduced to ashes, how she had sworn to take fierce revenge on Hector and all the kings who played with deception–“That’s you too,” she admitted. Then, she told him of the power she had gained from the moon, paying her price with existence and solidarity. Finally, she explained her power.

“The first kiss froze his memories, the second froze his emotions. A third would freeze his heart and kill him,” she said.

After a moment of silence, the King said, “So that’s why you wouldn’t let me kiss you. And,” there came the accusatory glare. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I came to kill you.” Phoenix cast her eyes down.

“But you changed your mind.”

“Power makes sure you’re on your own,” she mumbled. Looking at him now, his gaze seemed to burn brighter than before. So bright was his fire, it humbled her name of “Phoenix”. But when she thought again, perhaps she was just Nix now–snow. The power she had obtained, after all, was one of ice and snow. “I’m sorry, Alexander.” For the first time, she used his name. Now that her real identity was revealed, there was no point in speaking as his general. Only rulers called each other by name, and her change of title further confirmed it.

And while she’d said “no” plenty of times, this was her first sincere apology. Feeling out of place, she walked down the stairs.

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