|Dream| 12

“You’re…what?” Simon asked.

“Dead,” Aphrodite said. “You’re so dead, Mary.”

“If you’re dead,” Cupid said, showing her an arrow. “Could I shoot you with this?”

“Cupid,” Mary said. “Draw back your bow.”

And so he did. Cupid shot a golden arrow at her. It pierced through her chest and landed on the ground. Mary glanced at Simon once, then removed the lute from her chest. There was nothing but a shadow there. “Would you like to see my collection, Simon?” she asked.

Without waiting for a reply, Mary led them into a large storeroom. There was an endless line of shelves, and on the shelves, countless jars, each containing a heart.

“Your collection, huh?” Aphrodite asked.

Mary nodded. She extended an arm towards Simon. He watched in shock as she retrieved his heart. In another moment, he’d collapsed onto the floor.

“What about the skeleton army?” Aphrodite asked.

“They’re down in the caves,” Mary said.

“Mary,” Cupid said. “Could you–”

“You don’t belong here,” both Aphrodite and Mary snapped.

“Leave,” Mary added. “This isn’t a place for gods, though Aphrodite might like it.”

“Hey!” Aphrodite protested.

“Jayden’s here,” Mary announced, heading out with the jar containing Simon’s heart.

“Hey!” Aphrodite protested again, louder this time.

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