Snowbound Land

|Snowbound Land| 13. Snowbound Land

When Phoenix stepped out the door, Hector was standing in front of her. “Look, if it isn’t the Phoenix.” Fully armed, he seemed ready for another fight. He seemed to have predicted her coming out of the door.

“Yes, it is me.” She faced him calmly, as contradictory to the last time they met.

“What did you do to my general?” Hector asked, throwing a cold glance in the direction of the general who worked against him now.

“I’m not obliged to answer.”

“You know, I did you a favor. I saved your pride, legendary Phoenix, by not telling anyone that I took over your land. You could at least answer one question, couldn’t you?” He wasn’t walking towards her. Maybe he knew, she wouldn’t be coming out to face him empty-handed. “Look what you’re doing now, hiding like a parasite in Alexander’s kingdom. I’ll bet–you’re plotting revenge in there somewhere, aren’t you? You’re going to take over everything here and attempt to destroy me with it someday. And I’ll bet–your plan works.”

“……” Phoenix took one step towards him. “You’re wrong this time.” She now held her scythe.

“Looks like you’ll take me on anyhow. Okay then.” Hector brought out his scepter as well. “Bring it on.”

A blue light was emitted from his scepter, and it flew towards the castle. She was familiar with this light. It was the light that struck everything to ashes.

“Hey, Hector?” she spoke with a cordial tone.


“Pay attention.”

She swung her scythe, creating a snowstorm that turned everything white. The blue light struck something somewhere in the white mess, and where it struck, had been nothing but a large blanket of snow, which buried his army directly below when it fell.

“Tch. Just that?” Hector hissed.

“You are so cruel, Hector. You murder your own men.”

They struck again. This time, a million needles of ice absorbed the blue light, then rained themselves on Hector’s army. Seeing that, Hector paused, creasing his brows for just a moment. Phoenix swung her scythe. Its shadow under the blazing sun, stretching beyond Hector’s location, took the actual form of a blade made of ice, chopping his head off neatly. The ice shadow vanished as soon as the chop was completed. The previous motion of the ice shadow sent Hector’s head flying towards Phoenix. She caught it with an icy spear, and threw the spear at a firm pile of snow. The head of Hector the Great, now hung as a flag of victory that belonged to Alexander.

Up in the tower, Alexander watched.

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