|Dream| 13

“How do you know he’s here? Who are you, even? Isn’t this the Ghost Valley? Are you sure we’ll get out safe and sound?” the girl asked, questions gushing out.

“You were the one who chose to come,” Jayden said. He didn’t say anything like she would make it out.

“Yes, well, Simon deserves to be tortured, over and over again, so I want him gone for just that.”

Was that really worth it? “This is Ghost Valley.” He pointed at a cave. She squinted to see. A moving skeleton was entering it. “That’s probably Simon,” he added.

“That’s…? No way. It’s impossible.”

He sighed. “Maybe there’s a ghost somewhere stealing people’s souls.” Jayden shrugged. As they reached the door of a house, he opened it without knocking.

“How come you’re here again?” a goddess-like woman complained with her arms crossed. A young man next to her had his eyes on…

She followed his eyes. He was staring at a glowing girl with a jar in one hand, a lute in another. “Hello, Jayden,” she greeted.

“Hi, Mary,” Jayden said. “She came to see Simon.”

“Is that so?” The phantom called Mary floated towards her. She held out a jar with a bloody hand. “Here’s Simon.”

“What? No! I’m looking for–”

“You really shouldn’t have followed him here,” Mary said. “Now that you’ve seen me, you can’t get out. Unless the dragon lord has objections?” she looked at Jayden.

“Dragon lord?” she asked.

“No,” Jayden said, possibly answering Mary’s question.

“Alright. I’ll keep you here then.” Mary draped an arm over her shoulder. “Finally.”

Aphrodite snickered. “Mary, you’re not supposed to be here. Jayden, neither are you.”

“But I’m here,” Jayden stated, matter-of-fact.

“I’m here because of something he did,” Mary said. “Not my choice.” A bad habit of blaming it on him.

“What about the skeleton army and all those jars? Not your choice?” Aphrodite demanded.

“Oh, please.” Mary rolled her eyes. “It’s boring to stay here all day, confined to the same old house. I want some company. Right, girl?” She winked at the newcomer.

“What?” the girl squeaked. “I want out.” she started towards the door, but Jayden was in the way, and he was the dragon lord she bad been talking about.

Aphrodite stepped up to Jayden. “Fewer people come to and build our temples now because of you.”

“That’s good,” he commented.

“You can’t kill him though,” Mary said. “And I died already so you can’t kill me either.”

“I don’t suppose we can die?” Cupid asked pointlessly.

“No,” Aphrodite replied. Just before she walked out the door, she blurted, “Ugh.”

“What?” Jayden and Mary said, in different tones.

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