Snowbound Land

Snowbound Land | 14. Resolution

“You have the power to change the seasons,”the moon had said. Now, looking around, Phoenix saw that she really had changed the seasons. Snowflakes were falling from the sky, the ground was covered in snow–and it had been summer.

She went back inside. She went up the tower in small steps. When she got there, Alexander was leaning against the wall, as if waiting.

“You turned my summer into winter,” he said with a light smile. “And then you walked all those steps to come up here.”

She kept her head lowered.

“I could hear all your footsteps. You’re walking so much slower than usual. Were you trying to decide whether or not to kill me?”


“……” He bit back a chuckle. “You answer fast when it’s ‘no’.”

She looked up then. “When I came, I came to kill you,” she pointed out.

“But you didn’t. And you won’t.” If she still wanted to, she could have, from all the way down there. And she could have, before going down to face Hector, instead of confessing the truth.

“I gave up.”

“Well,” he took an audible breath. “For whatever reason you came, I don’t care. It made us what we are now.”

She widened her eyes and took in a sharp breath. Just for that moment, he seemed to glow in the setting sun. “Then, what happens now?” she asked.

“Be my queen,” he said simply.





“Aye, sire.”

“So…” He leaned forward, just close enough to peer at her expression. “Isn’t this where we kiss?”



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