|Dream| 14

“And that’s how dragons became the enemies of Greek gods and goddesses,” Kasia said, folding paper into halves.

“No way in Hades!” Lianna protested. “You made that up!”

Jayden glanced at them both. “She did.”

“This makes no sense,” Kasia said.

“Even you know that.” Lianna glared. “And why does Jayden keep his name in…uh, was that reality or dream?”

“I don’t know,” Kasia answered. “It might have been a dream, or reality.”

“It was reality,” Jayden said.

“What about the name?” Lianna demanded.

“It’s not like I was going to call him ‘the dragon’ the whole way through.”

“Dragon lord,” he corrected. “In capital letters would be good too.”

“Okay.” Kasia stood up, and leaned over the railing again. “Finally–”

“Wait!” Lianna shouted. “I get the last word!”

Jayden stood with both arms resting on the railing, letting the city swim in his eyes while waiting.

“We’re in a hurry. I really want to jump,” Kasia said. “Say it in three, two, one–”

“I said wait!”


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