Snowbound Land

|Snowbound Land| 15. Professional backfiring

Hello, I am Phoenix.

Right now, I’m sitting in front of you, my king, writing down a dream I’ve had. The world of dreams is a wonderful place, it takes you on such a wild ride if it wants to, when it wants to. In dreams, you could even create a world for yourself, if your consciousness is that strong–and mine is. Perhaps you’ve had a lot of bad dreams, and perhaps I have too, but over time, I’ve learned to control and make use of the most frightening of dreams, turning them into adventures that have stories worth telling.

You may ask, at this moment, “Was this one of those dreams too?”

Frankly, no. Ever since I entered your castle, I haven’t had the need to manipulate dreams, and I have reasons for that–firstly, because you keep me up every night, to such an extent my brain is probably too tired to even dream; and secondly, because every day has become a miracle, that reality is finally and surely better than dreams.

Isn’t it so? The reality is so horrifyingly good that sometimes it’s like a dream bubble that could be popped and dissolved into thin air any moment. You once told me, “Let’s keep this dream for as long as it can exist.” I don’t know for sure, but maybe you felt that way to some extent too.

Then let’s take a look at that. Since my power is from the moon, we’ll start from the night. Every night, when you go to sleep, you know I’m right there, sighing over the fact that you already slept, at the same time, silently laughing at you in my head because you fell asleep just like that–okay, you didn’t know the latter part, but you do now. And then, every morning, when you wake, you know that your castle is still intact, that it still exists, and that I’m right inside, collecting sunshine in the garden–fine, I wouldn’t be collecting sunshine, I would just be sleeping, but still. Throughout the day, if you walk outside, by the time you return, you don’t need to fear that your castle is gone, because it’s not an illusion. Even if you close your eyes for a moment or two, or hours, when you open them again, everything is still there.

This is no illusion, my king. This is reality.

I suppose every story should have a beginning and an end, or at least when you’re telling it.

When we first met, you were attacking me with your spear, and I was defending. But did you know? Defense doesn’t always mean shields. The best way to defend is not to shield, but to attack. Tell me, how will you kill me if I killed you first?

We started out with a face-to-face battle, and then we realized we would make a perfect alliance. In simple words, this is how I understand it.

As for the ending, there is none.

This is only the beginning.

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