Snowbound Land

Snowbound Land | 2. Moon

How much time had passed? There was no way to tell. In the dense forest, it was dark throughout her journey. Maybe days had passed, or maybe it had only been hours. For unknown reasons, she kept walking deeper into the forest, not caring for the bushes and thorns. It had been too long since the last time she had to plot a revenge.

After some more time, she stepped into a clearing. She found herself staring into the waters of a lake, where the reflection of a full moon was shining at her. She saw herself overlapping with the moon, for the last time.

“What is your name?” a voice echoed all around her.

She looked at the reflection of the moon. “I’m Phoebe now,” was her answer. It wasn’t a lie, she’d decided to change her identity.

“What have you come for?”

“?” She had stumbled into the place, but she answered automatically, “Revenge.”

“What do you see on the surface of these waters?”

“Myself, and you.” She was talking to the moon, she knew that now.

“I will assist you. Use your power wisely. As a price, you will vanish from the face of earth. Remember that power, will always make you alone.”

“Always,” Phoebe replied.

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