Imagination | 2

It was night beyond the second door. It seemed to be outdoors…

A group of four were gathered around the a bonfire. One of them was a bearded man with straw-like hair. He reminded me of a gorilla. At the corners of his laughing blue eyes were tiny wrinkles. He had his right arm around the shoulders of a young woman. She was tall and slender, with sculpture-like features, bright green eyes, and fiery red, curly hair that touched her slim waist. Her lips were as fiery as her hair. Upon her head was a silver, sparkling hairband, with a white flower on the left. On the right side of the young woman was another young woman–though she appeared to be in her late teens. She was thin and solemn, with heavy mascara around her one blue eye and one green eye. She’d dyed her hair half black, half green, with the ends poking at her neck and the black side slightly covering her right eye–the blue one. She wore a neon green tank top, with heavy chains around her neck. Half of her tank top was black-and-white striped. Her color scheme seemed highly imbalanced to me.

To her right was a guy about her age–and about my age–playing tunes on the guitar. He had soft brownish black hair, with smooth bangs that swept towards his left eye. His eyes were slightly smaller than normal, the color of deep brown, dark to an extent they were almost black. He had a darker shade of skin than the rest, and wore a simple black tee and deep blue skinny jeans, with white-and-red sneakers.

As I examined the group, I realized that there was a gap between the two males. The solemn girl with black-green hair raised her eyes to look at me.

“Luell,” she announced while chewing gum. She elbowed the guitarist, who looked at me as well. The other two glanced my way.

“Hey, Luell.” The guitarist patted the spot between himself and the gorilla man. He smiled softly.

The fiery young woman scowled.

“Yo,” the bearded man greeted. His partner slammed her palm into his belly and he grunted.

I stared at them in utter confusion.

The guy with relatively small eyes gently put his guitar down and walked towards me. “The dude is Marcello. Red hair lady, Vikka. The emo, Fidessa. You remember them, don’t you?” After introducing them, he gazed at me, the soft smile never leaving.

He noticed that I didn’t know any one of them.

He sighed. “I’m Vinzenz. Nice to meet you, I guess…Luell.” He shrugged in disappointment and thrust his hands into his pockets, then turned back to the bonfire.

I caught him by the arm. “Wait.”

“Yes?” Vinzenz turned back.

I studied his smiling eyes.

No reflection.

“Are you…what are you?” I whimpered. “What are they? And the three girls I met back there…”

“You don’t remember?” Fidessa asked. She blew a bubble with her pink gum, but Vikka popped it, then roared with laughter.

“We’ve been with you since you were sixteen,” Marcello said.

“You never paid much attention to the rest of us,” Vikka informed. She winked at Fidessa.

“Except Vinzenz,” Fidessa said, glaring at Vikka–both for the bubble gum and the wink, I assumed.

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