Fallen Angel

|Fallen Angel| 3

“I’m sorry! Angelo, I’m sorry!” Akira wailed, pulling at my sleeve.

“Forget it.” I pulled away from her.

“It wasn’t my doing! Lenard’s little sister got into a car accident and she was sent to the–”

“That’s none of my concern.” I was still keeping my cool.

“B-but…I really didn’t mean anything! I was merely concerned for–”

“Right!” I thundered. “Be concerned for Lenard’s little sister! Get concerned for him! Hell, what does that have to do with me? I shouldn’t be the one suffering for Lenard’s loss!”

At the moment, I’d forgotten about our once unbreakable friendship, our stable relationship, our trust, our promises. Every flower that had ever blossomed in our shared garden instantly died. It was that day that I couldn’t stand Lenard, nor Akira, anymore. It was a week later that I stepped into the airport and left.

These are my thoughts now, as I wait impatiently for the jet to take off. I smile wryly at myself. Perhaps this flight will kill me, then I won’t have to face these feelings anymore……

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