Snowbound Land

Snowbound Land | 3. Borderline

Vanish from the face of earth. Phoebe didn’t have long to wonder what that meant.

She wade through the trees and bushes now with ease, as if she had turned into a phantom. No thorns bothered her ankles. But this, it was the price, not the power. She would find out later, as she was finally out of the forest and into human civilization again. It was somebody else’s kingdom, she knew. But whose, she did not know. It was a busy place. From a distance, Phoebe saw people rushing past one another, bumping past one another. She strode straight through the crowd. Nobody noticed her, although her dress was a fiery red.

As if a ghost.

Closing her eyes now, she listened in to the conversations among villagers.

“A new line of dancing girls?”

“Into the palace, yes.”


“Aren’t the candidates already there?”

Phoebe looked. There was indeed a string of peasant girls performing the same dance. She looked further. Immediately, she’d recognized the king of this land. Although he wasn’t dressed in royal attire, and though she had never seen him before, she knew.

Why wouldn’t a queen–even robbed of land–not be able to make out a king?

The King had long hair white as snow, whereas Phoebe’s was black as coal. The look in his eyes was bright as day, as if gifted by the sun, and hers was dark as night, as if cursed by the moon. However appealing he appeared, the smirk on his face confirmed that he was the exact type of man she had sworn not so long ago to destroy.

Look, look how he was picking out the line of girls. See how he was looking at them, like a wolf looking at a herd of sheep.

What she didn’t notice was, she was wearing the same smirk as she studied him.

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