Imagination | 3

“Vinzenz? What do you mean?” I glanced up at Vinzenz, whose soft smile turned melancholic.

I suddenly realized what Fidessa and Vikka meant. “Oh.” I lowered my eyes. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Vinzenz soothed, “If you’ve forgotten us, that means you’ve recovered. And that’s…good.”

“Luell, come here,” Fidessa invited, shoving Vinzenz’s guitar away. “We’ll tell you what you need to know.”

“Hey, Fidessa! My guitar!” Vinzenz dived for it. Vikka laughed, and Marcello chuckled. Meanwhile, Fidessa ignored him.

I wanted to be close by the door when I needed to get out.

“Don’t worry, Luell,” Vinzenz said, “We won’t hurt you.”

Vikka rolled her eyes. “Vinzenz won’t hurt you.”

“Vikka,” Marcello warned.

“Okay, okay! We won’t hurt you!”

I let out a deep breath and stepped in to join their circle.

“Tell us how you found us,” Vinzenz said. I told them everything from the discovery of the corridor.

“Candide, Anica, and Glorea were your demons since you were twelve, but you recovered from them after two years,” Fidessa said. “We came when you turned sixteen, and left when you were eighteen.”

“No,” Vikka protested. “You left us.”

“What happened then?” Marcello asked. I shook my head.

“You probably crashed into this world somehow,” Vinzenz said. “Demons like us, once your psychological disorder is fixed, we disappear from your life. The corridor you were talking about, it holds all your demons.” He paused to throw a twig into the fire. “Luell, if you can’t recall anything of any of your demons, that means your current mental state is well. It means you’re healthy.” Vinzenz smiled at me again. “How old are you now?”

He was a stranger to me, but not to the rest of them. Fidessa put a hand on his shoulder after he asked the question. In return, he gave her another kind of smile. Vinzenz’s smiles seemed to tell more than his words did, but I couldn’t read them.

“Nineteen,” I answered.

“You haven’t had demons…or, friends that stick with you all the time, that only you can see?” Marcello asked.


“Then we were the last ones,” Vikka said. “The good old days…”

“We were the second door though,” Fidessa murmured thoughtfully.

“The doors don’t appear in order,” Vinzenz said. “There should be two more doors.”

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