Fallen Angel

|Fallen Angel| 4

Angelo left me without a word.

Originally, I thought he was only going to be gone for a vacation, and that he would come back after he calmed down and got over it.

“But Bonnie…you know there’s nothing between Lenard and me. As his little sister, you should know that better than anyone else. That day, you dragged us to the meadow to search for a rare butterfly. Then last time, while you were driving me to the cinema, you accidentally hit a little girl on the street! I don’t know why you had to leave almost immediately though…and left a shocked me with Lenard and your bills to deal with…” I complained to Bonnie.

“That’s right, Akira. I’m sorry.” Bonnie said.

“And now…” I sighed.

We were in her lab, where bodies had been slayed and organs taken out for scientific investigation. When people donated their bodies for scientific use, they were slayed here. This day, I had gone to Bonnie’s lab to talk and vent. I spoke out what I wanted to say for long time, yet never brought out with the right words…

“I’m innocent! Why won’t Angelo just trust me like he always has!”

The double doors were pushing open.

“Another body coming in,” Bonnie sighed.

The person pushing the bed beamed at us and announced in a cheerful tone, “This one was young and completely functional.”

“Then how did this person die?” I asked out of sheer personality.

“All cleansing procedures have already been carried out. Oh, what, Akira? Ah, yes…the jet to San Francisco malfunctioned and fell. This is how he died.”

By this time, Bonnie was ready to lift the white sheet up from the body.

“What a pity…” she was saying. She lifted the sheet casually, then froze in spot.Tears cascaded down her cheeks instantaneously and she fell to her knees before me.

“Oh my god, Akira! I ruined your life! I destroyed everything! I shouldn’t have schemed against you…or this would not have happened…” she was crying.

“What are you talking about?” Bewildered, I looked at the naked body…

…of Angelo.

I maintained myself.

“Do your job, Bonnie.” My voice was shaking. My heart was torn. My eyes were burning with rage and despise…but…”Don’t ruin his body too,” I ordered.

I stood there trembling as Bonnie sliced through Angelo’s body……

“I can’t!” Bonnie screamed, running out of the lab.

The person had been standing in the doorway the whole time. “Take over the body, Akira,” he suggested,”You seem calmer.”

He left then, leaving me alone with Angelo. I took a deep breath, then picked up the knife and slowly began to cut, unwilling to make any mistake or allow the slightest hint of imperfection.

Angelo’s body…one I’ve never seen naked before. I’d dreamed of a distant someday, when we were ready to form a family, I would meet it as it met me. I’d never thought it would end up like this–Bonnie coming in contact with Angelo’s body, and me picking up after her.

This was no mood to admire a dead angel. A fallen angel–literally, from the sky so high.

As thought after thought, memory after memory, crossed my mind one after the other, my throat went dry. I felt like I should cry, like I have every right to. I couldn’t. My eyes were even dryer than my throat. The pain that gripped my heart was so great I had an urge to grab it with my hands……

I put the bits and pieces of Angelo into all the right places.

I looked at the knife in my hand. The whole lab only contained Angelo and myself.

The knife was stained only with what was left of Angelo–his DNA.

I held the knife with both of my hands, caressing the surface tenderly. I brought it to my lips, smelling and tasting every bit of it until my tongue was bleeding. I licked my lips. The blood probably stained my lips–perhaps even dripped out.

How would I be able to live with my great sin this whole life? How long would I last?

Slicing an artery on my neck, I smiled.

Angel fallen from the heavens, I’m coming to you.


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