Snowbound Land

Snowbound Land | 4. Field of vision

Just to experiment, Phoebe stepped unannounced into the line of dancers. She didn’t know their dance, but she knew her own–and she didn’t follow the line, she waded in and out of line, advancing to the front.

And she danced.

To be able to defend oneself against the art of deception, one must first master the art of deception. The King was among villagers, camouflaged, disguised. Phoebe knew, but she couldn’t expose her true identity too.

There was another thing she knew. She knew she was catching his eye. At first, she was surprised. While nobody seemed to see her, the King’s smirk grew ever so slightly as she passed by. She gave a small snicker, and moved on.

When the crowds had all scattered, the King approached her. “Hi,” he greeted.

“Hello.” She hid her glare with a smile.

“Are you a genius?” he asked all of a sudden.

“What?” Whatever she had been expecting, it was certainly not this. All her pretense dropped in a second before she even started using it. “What kind of person would approach someone just to ask if they’re a genius?”

At this, the King laughed. “I would,” he said. “So are you one? You haven’t answered.”

“Of course not. Why do you say so?”

“You made your way to me without being seen by anybody. If you’re not a genius then how would you do that?”

Her gaze shifted. “Who knows?” It’s not like I’ll say it was the moon, she thought.

“You do.” He peered at her a bit more closely. A corner of his lips tilted up. “Or maybe it’s because you were meant to be seen by just me.”

“Don’t romanticize it.” She rolled her eyes.

“Then, do you have a better explanation?”


“We might have been made for each other!”


“Why not? Maybe we will be compatible.”


“See for yourself then, be my girlfriend.”

“Hell no.”

“Pfft.” If the King had been trying to appear cool and alluring before, it broke at this moment with an involuntary chuckle. “Say yes for once!”

“No!”…And, if she had been planning anything, it all went up in flames.

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