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According to Vinzenz, there had been a group of demons before Anica’s group, and one in between Anica’s and Vinzenz’s groups. To get out of the world I’d accidentally crashed into, I’d have to meet them all, and find the double doors that would lead me out.

In case of emergency, Fidessa had told me, pretend not to see or hear or feel the demons.

Marcello told me that demons sometimes had to fight over a host. When a human being’s mental state was unstable or worse, demons squeeze into their minds. Vinzenz and his group had defeated their predecessor.

During the whole conversation, Vinzenz’s smiles were very similar yet I somehow felt they carried a different message each time. I’d begged Fidessa to tell me what they meant with my gaze, but she’d smiled apologetically. Vikka, however, offered me this much, “Vinzenz’s smiles are confusing. Never mind them. All he means is he’d fight for you.”

“Don’t listen to her, Luell,” Vinzenz said to me. “Try not to let yourself be troubled over things you don’t remember. For you, it’s good that you’ve forgotten.” Smile.

“And…you?” I asked.

Smile. “I’m a demon.” That was his only answer. It was the only sentence I could read with no problem: I’m a demon, not human. I’m not worth your troubling over.

“Vinzenz?” I tilted my head to get a clearer look of him when he turned away.

Fidessa patted the top of my head. “He’d be worried if you started worrying about him now, in fact.”


“You don’t remember us,” Marcello pointed out.

I blinked, still not getting the point.

Vikka sighed exaggeratedly, blowing air at the fire between us. “That means, if you worry about him, you’re worrying over a stuck-up stranger.”

“Stuck-up?” Vinzenz grimaced. “How mean of you, Vikka…but.” He looked at me again. “That’s true. I’m a stranger to you.” And he was still smiling. “Which is–”

“–good?” I guessed.

“Nice that you know,” Vinzenz said.

“Luell, trust me, you and Vinzenz had a quite heartbreaking story,” Marcello said. “Vikka and Fidessa had played the antagonists, for different reasons.”

I glanced at Vinzenz. His expression betrayed nothing.

“Oh, yes,” Vikka recalled. “You and I didn’t always like each other.”

“Who says she likes you now?” Fidessa snapped.

“It was so exciting to watch, though dangerous,” Marcello continued. “A shame you don’t remember.”

I stared at the three with wonder. I wanted to know.

“Stop.” It was Vinzenz, standing up. “You’re all making it harder for her to leave.” He put a hand on my shoulder protectively. “Luell, listen carefully.”

I looked up and nodded.

“You must have your own will to find the doors and leave. I’m guessing your mind crashed through here. If you don’t leave, you’ll become unconscious for the rest of your life,” Vinzenz said. Then, he knelt before me, softening his tone. He smiled ruefully. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to scare you. But what’s important is that you get what’s best for you. As for the past…leave it be.”

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