|Imagination| 5

I closed their door behind me and stood in front of an identical door next to it. Anica, Candide, and Glorea were nowhere to be seen in the corridor. After taking a deep breath to calm myself, I opened the third door.

The demons I found myself facing weren’t even human-looking. They were three identical female demons, each having a wad of thick, translucent purple hair that resembled Medusa’s snakes, curling up at the ends. They had no facial features save one green eye and lips. They wore identical green frilly dresses, and had translucent purple skin, including their octopus arms and legs.

“Luell!” One of them called. The second and third did the same, their hair bouncing in the same way.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Pollee!” the first answered.

“Mollee!” the second replied with the same grin.

“Hollee!” said the third, identically.

How had I lived with these?

“You’ve grown!” Pollee said. Maybe it was Hollee. I couldn’t tell, since they began moving about.

“We were defeated!” I had no idea who was who anymore. This was possibly Hollee. Or perhaps not.

“Um…Pollee?” I tried.

“Yes!” the demon I’d thought was Hollee replied.

“Oh. Never mind.” I closed the dkor on them. When I turned around, I saw Fidessa in front of me.

“Confusing, aren’t they?” she asked.

Vinzenz appeared behind her. “You’ll need help with the last one.”

“Her name is Karyssa, by the way,” Marcello said.

“I heard she’s grown stronger since her defeat,” Vikka said.

I only nodded. When I looked around, there were no remaining doors in the corridor. I’d opened all three.

“Luell, play with us!” came a familiar voice. It had to be Glorea. Startled that they’d come out of their room too, I began retracing my steps out of the corridor.

“Yes, play with us,” Candide said somewhere behind me.

“Or with Karyssa.” Anica scoffed.

Vinzenz made his way past Fidessa to the front and took my elbow. He glanced back at Anica with his soft smile.

“Who are you?” Anica asked.

“Karyssa’s successor,” he answered. Vikka snickered.



“Luell!” echoed Pollee, Mollee, and Hollee, one after the other.

To our right was a pair of double doors. Without glancing back at the mob behind me, I pushed them open.

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