|Dream| 8

The boy didn’t move much. He sat on the chair and watched Mary walk around with trays and teapots and whatnot.

“What’s your name?” she asked, one hand on the lute even as she poured tea.


“You live outside of here, right?”


“No need to be so nervous,” she said, chuckling. “So, tell me about your life, your home…something.”

Simon sipped his tea. “Mom is annoying.”


“She keeps talking about the dragon lord and how angry he gets, and that he destroyed some place once, blah blah blah.” He rolled his eyes.

“You don’t believe her?”

“What’s the point? There are gods and goddesses to worship, yet everybody bows to the dragon lord with fruit and stuff. Since when do dragons eat fruit?”

Mary laughed with a hand over her mouth. “Well, isn’t that entertaining? You can imagine a dragon eating fruit, hahaha……”

“I believe in real gods and goddesses, like…like the beautiful Aphrodite and wise Athena.”

A thunder rolled down from the sky. Mary strode across the room to a window near the door and glanced outside. “You forgot to praise Zeus, Simon. He’s jealous.”

“O, great Zeus!”

Mary laughed again. She looked at him, somewhat sympathetically. “You’re a good person, Simon,” she said. “It’s getting dark. Would you like some dinner before going home?”

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