Snowbound Land

|Snowbound Land| 8. Opposition

“Your Majesty,” one of the generals asked, “Why do we have smaller armies? Where did the rest of them go? Is there a new general? Who’s he?”

“That’s a lot of questions,” the King said, “She’s the one in red if you ever spot her.”


“That’s right, she. Look, she’s there.” He nodded towards Phoebe, who was passing by freely without a passing badge–which was what was required for entering the King’s hall. “Phoebe,” he called.

“Aye, Sire.” She turned.

“You’re the new general?” the man asked.

“I am.”

“With no badge?”


“Your Majesty, she looks just like one of those women who–”

“Fight her then, don’t complain to me.” he sounded bored. “Phoebe, have a duel. Wouldn’t you love that?”

“Aye, Sire.” She whipped out her scythe gladly. “But may I make a suggestion?”


“Your Majesty might not want injured men before battles.”

“You did it, woman. You will regret this.” the general snapped.

He regretted it indeed.

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