Imagination | 8

Anica’s companions stared at her with wonder in their eyes.

“When did you learn that?” Candide asked.

“Shut up,” came the reply. Anica put a hand on Karyssa’s heart. Purple electric waves shot out from her fingers. From the reaction of Glorea and Candide, I saw that this wasn’t new–only the drifting was.

All at once, Karyssa screamed and let go of everyone. I raced towards the door, darting at the escalator. But when I turned the doorknob in my hand, I turned back to see Vinzenz gasping for breath on the floor…

He raised his head, mouthing “go”.

I realized there were two Anica’s. One of them was attacking Karyssa. Karyssa slammed a root into Anica’s body, and the spirit raced back towards it. With her left arm, she reached for me. Fidessa zoomed by just in time to cut it off, shoving me into the door simultaneously. I was pushed into the world behind it.

“Goodbye…” came her voice.

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