Snowbound Land

|Snowbound Land| 9. A Reminder

In a few days, everyone became busy. Phoebe’s sense of existence was next to zero, since she could not be easily seen, heard, or noticed in any form. She and the King began to spend a lot of time together, if only to discuss Hector. To the others, the King was just spending time alone as usual–Phoebe was unseen.

“Why are you always alone?” Phoebe asked once, even though she knew.

“I like to be alone with you,” was the answer she got.

With Hector getting closer, it was time to spread the map again. It was the tenth time of the day.

“Hector’s from the north, that’s where he will lead his army from,” one said. “I’ll take my troops there.”

“Then I’ll be at the south,” said another. “I have fewer soldiers with me.”

As the conference went on, Phoebe stayed quiet. She wouldn’t be heard anyway. Yet when the conference was over, she went to the table where tags had just been left on the map, and moved those tags. What was in the north was in the south, what was in the south was moved to the east. Herself, she placed in the capital.

“Why?” the King asked.

“I’ve been everywhere. The resources are in the south. Even if Hector is currently in the north, he will come from the south and cut your provisions. He’ll make you think he’s coming from the north, and won’t. I’m staying in the capital because he will find a way to sneak in here too.”

“How do you know all that?”

“I know everything.” That line came out smoothly, as if stating a fact.

“Why didn’t you say all that in conference earlier?”

“Sire, I’m pretty much invisible. Isn’t it the same if I tell you?”

“You are, but,” He thought for a moment. “Do you feel alone?”

“I am alone.” That, too, was a simple statement.

“Should I make you stop being alone then?” He had been facing her the entire time, and now he inched closer. “You could be my queen.” his voice snaked its way into her ear. He inched closer.

She hadn’t been reacting at all, as if her mind had drifted away. Then, as she caught sight of his lips coming closer to hers, she showed a look of horror and covered her own lips with both hands, bouncing back.

“Are you scared?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She answered, kind of lost.

“I’m not scary.”

“Oh, you are. You’re very scary, but I’m scarier. I’m probably the most dangerous thing you have in this castle.”

“That’s why you’re in the capital.”

She shrugged, and stalked off. It was time for some reflection.

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