|Thereafter| Aggression

He had been laughing hysterically, after having a big fight with his family, which had never been supportive in the first place. It had taken so many years for him to be free from their manipulative control, and now that he had talked with them again, he became so emotionally unstable it was almost as if he had gone insane.

“Hahahaha…losers…all of them…and me too. I’m such a loser. There’s not even any point in my life…I’m not doing anything useful anyway…”

“What am I then?”

He didn’t seem to be able to hear her, laughing in tears.

Ekko decided to turn away from him and say, “Okay, go ahead. Kill me, since it’s so much fun. The hell who cares, it turns out I’m nothing to you.” She put on a cold tone as she spoke.

He fell into silence for a minute, finally beginning to wake up, at her sudden change of attitude. He looked up at her silhouette. “See…? I knew you’d grow tired of me one day…and my drama…”

“I’m not tired of you.” It was still the same tone.

“But you just snapped…”

“You’re pushing me away on purpose, saying it sucks to be you. Doesn’t that mean it sucks to have my full love too? Saying that nobody wants you, doesn’t that mean I’m nobody?”

“You should know better than me…”

“Then, me and my tears are just a means of laughing at you too?”

He couldn’t respond.

She continued. “Do you even see me?” Do you even see what I’m trying to do for you? Do you see my love for you? Do you see that I’m not the damaging family that raised you and put those scars on you?

“It’s…too dark…”

“I thought so. Well, whatever. I don’t care.” She glanced at him when she spoke those words. His eyes had welled up, injury was written all over his face. Ekko didn’t soften her expression. Instead of the heartbreaking words that he was probably expecting her to say, she said, “I’ll just keep loving you anyway. Whether you see me or not is up to your eyes.”

He blinked, trying to take in the twist. “…I screwed up…”

“I don’t care. I love you.” She crossed her arms.

“Why…Ekko…” The tears trickled down. His sanity returned.

In response to his question, she shrugged, wiping a tear off her own cheek.

“I’m sorry…I’m so stupid…Why am I so stupid…now I screwed up…”

“I see that you kind of woke up.”

“I’m so stupid…blind…stupid…” Or…maybe sanity hadn’t quite returned yet.

“Like I said, I don’t care.”

“I’m so unstable…so stupid…I’m so stupid…”

She sighed. To make him listen, she slammed him into the wall by the shoulders, with both her hands. He stopped speaking to look at her, startled by her sudden aggression.

“Listen up,” she said. “I don’t give a damn if the rest of the world gives a damn about your condition and all that nonsense. I love you, with or without your consent. You got that?”


It was only then that she hugged him and comforted him for the pain he had received from his family that day. He understood, at the same time, that Ekko would be there, loving him, through it all.

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