Letters to the Fireplace

|Letters to the Fireplace| Barbie’s Last Letter

Dear Ken,

How dare you extinguish on me? Just when I was about to come for your help, your flames burn out right in front of my eyes. You have never done that before.

I’ve successfully read your letter, even though I don’t know why I’m still tossing letters into the nonexistent fire. This time, I’m not tearing it into shreds.

You’ve been here all along, and I never knew. How long has it been? Decades. All this time, you’ve kept quiet, or rather, you’ve tried reaching out but it hasn’t worked.

While I was busy complaining about how everything ends in three months, you’ve been here for decades.

Am I too late?

What a stupid question. You’re already gone. I thank you for all the invisible company you’ve kept me. But if you indeed come back, this will be your rejection letter.

I suppose I’ve never loved. Not Adam, not you, not anyone. “Barbie”, even in the movies, is always alone. Her partners only exist in the script. In reality, “Barbie” is only the story teller, acting out the story for the little girl she talks to. She was made to be alone. There had been no “Ken” in the first place.

“Ken” was indeed programmed to love “Barbie”, but he exists only in the scripts.

Along with your letter, I found a gray heart-shaped stone with one of our wedding pictures engraved on it. I suppose the dolls have melt. I’m leaving all of these in the fireplace, while I move to a real mansion–I’ve accomplished my mission, so I have no reason to stay here.

With no love,


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