The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| Certified witch

Sapphire didn’t glance his way–not even once–when his head rolled on the ground, immediately swallowed by the soil.

Jem’s body was lying on the ground, basically intact. Sapphire stabbed her rose back into the soil. It instantly returned to its original form. She was panting.

After a while, the sweet aroma of the soup Jem had prepared came again.

Her arm was completely healed, though she was still drenched in blood.

It was her turn to kneel on the ground before him–what was left of him. She knelt there for a long time. Then, it occurred to her that perhaps she out to appear neater. She cleaned herself then, with her witchcraft.

She placed a hand on Jem’s heart.

She didn’t need the rest. Sapphire believed in his power, if nothing else. Just his heart would be enough.

Thinking this, she lifted her hand a little higher. His heart was sucked flawlessly out of the body. It was now in her hand.

Your heart is in my hands, she thought. Thanks for the soup.

With a big grin that didn’t reach her seemingly blank and nonchalant eyes, Sapphire strode into the house on her own.

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