The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 1

“Show me your new song, my little robin,” Kyron said. The speaker had black wings folded on his back, matching black hair, and golden eyes that shimmered a little in the dark. His wings had the power of an eagle, his eyes were sharp as an owl’s, and his charm almost equaled that of Kristene, a siren, who was swimming in a tank made especially for her. The tank was made along all the walls of the house, so that she could swim to every room as if she were a walking human. The siren had long golden hair that covered her bare front, her eyes were an alluring green, her fish tail was black, and she had wings too, but they weren’t made for flying. She wasn’t quite sure what she needed wings for, especially since her black wings were tiny as a baby bird’s.

“Show me your new song, my little robin,” Kyron said. Kristene was perching along the waters behind the couch Kyron was sitting on, and as he said those words to her, she smiled and nodded.

She parted her lips to sing. Her voice, it was the most attractive in the universe. As she sang, Kyron turned to look at her. And as she sang, she swam slowly away from him, moving along the wall to the opening that led to her own little island, out of Kyron’s house. Kristene and Kyron both were famous around town, and while Kyron could go anywhere he wanted with his wings and legs, Kristene had to swim. That was why there were channels made in every place where she was welcome, and that was pretty much everywhere.

She was welcome everywhere, but she did like her island most. There were two places that she called “home”–Kyron’s house, and her island, which Kyron paid for. Kyron was the one who supported her daily necessities, or whatever necessities she had. Kyron was the one who conversed with her, while the others…

Kyron got out of his house and spread his wings, flying over to her island as she moved to that place. He landed at the same time as she did.

“A splendid song, Kristene,” he said. His tone was often emotionless, but to Kristene’s ears, there was emotion.

That was why she beamed at him again, and thanked him. “Thank you, Master.”

He put a hand on her head, and caressed her hair. “You have the best voice anyway.”

She nodded at that, not taking it as a compliment, but as a certain truth. Then, she tilted her head, as if listening. “A visitor.”

“On this island? Or in my place?”

“In your place. My visitor.”

“Your visitor at my place. Alright then, let’s head back.”

She nodded again. She always agreed with Kyron. That was when they took separate routes to arrive at the same destination, at the same time, again.

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