Legend | Chapter 1

“Drew,” the teacher called from the door of the classroom, “Come see me at once.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Drew replied automatically, wading through the mess of desks, chairs, and people, to get outside.

Andrew Alekanekelo Viktor. That was his full name, if I remembered correctly—and I sure did remember correctly. It was impossible for me not to pay this guy at least a little bit of attention. And I had good reason for it.

“He looked at you again, Jess,” Brea whispered in my ear as Drew passed by. “Just now, just for a second.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” I replied, keeping my eyes on the tall, lean boy with dark hair and blue eyes until he was out of my sight. “He always does.”

“But he hasn’t spoke to you even once, has he?”

“Nope, not once.”
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