The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 1

Her name was Giada. She had been with Kyron far longer than the evil siren. In fact, she was kind of childhood friends with Kyron. She was there before he became a wizard, she was there to watch him become a wizard. She’d watched him grow from an annoying boy to an attractive man, and she, too, was attracted to him. She was the first to find him attractive, but she wouldn’t be the last–of that she was sure. Who wouldn’t be attracted to Kyron?

And so, she wasn’t surprised when he appeared with wings one day, and became known as Master Kyron, Giada wasn’t surprised. It was alright, if he was the wizard, she would be the witch. But there was one little problem.

“Show me your new song, my little robin,” Kyron said to Lady Kristene, the evil siren that loomed all over the place, the talk of the town, the star of the movie, the owner of the Southern region–and not only oceans. Lady Kristene owned the hearts of land, sky, and ocean, although she never walked, and never flew.

On the other side, Giada crossed her model-worthy legs on the couch. Her legs were something she was proud of–something Kristene didn’t have. Giada said nothing, but watched them.

When Kristene parted her lips to sing, Giada plugged in her earphones. The siren’s song was something you’d better not hear, even as a woman. But Giada watched Kyron, who was watching Kristene. Was Kyron caught in the siren’s curse as well? He probably was, although he didn’t express it at all.

“A splendid song, Kristene,” Kyron said.

“Thank you, Master.”

“You have the best voice anyway.”

“A visitor.” Kristene tilted her head. She must have known Giada was watching her, but she acted as if she wasn’t there. What a proud, evil creature. Giada swore she would make the little siren pay.

“On the island? Or in my place?“

“In your place. My visitor.”

“Your visitor at my place. Alright then, let’s head back.”

Kristene nodded, and dived into the waters in a splash. Kyron walked over to Giada. “Are you coming?” he asked, ignoring her scowl. Giada was sure he knew what she was thinking.

“What would I do on the siren’s island anyway?” She shrugged. Kyron extended his hand towards her, and she took it without hesitating. In the next moment, she was in Kyron’s arms, flying back to Kyron’s place.

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