The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 10

Meanwhile, back in the South, Kyron sensed something odd going on.

He was in the sky, looking down with his eagle vision, in search of his little robin, Kristene. Where was she? She wasn’t in his house, and she wasn’t on her island. He gazed down at the vast ocean, creasing his brows. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t swim, but it would be a waste of time trying to search for her if she was diving deep into the waters. The ocean, after all, was very wide, and the deeper it went, the more of a maze it was. The siren made all the waters her kingdom, but anyone else would not be able to find his way through.

So where was she?

She hadn’t left a word before leaving for wherever she left for. He could find her if she was on land, or in the sky, but the ocean was out of his reach.

So where was she?

What would refrain her from telling him where she was going?

Kyron slammed a hand on his own forehead.


Where else? Even though Kristene was a little girl in his eyes–since that day he picked her up–he knew she was smart enough not to tell him if she was heading towards the devil. Maybe she wanted to escape being scolded.

But he was on his way.

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