The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 10

With a swoosh, a dark shadowy silhouette quickly turned human. Soon, Lord Asa was standing in front of Danica in his human form. “Nice to meet you in person, Dani.”

“Nice to meet you too, Lord Asa.” Danica bowed slightly. “Most call me Danica though.”

Asa shrugged. “Kitty refers to you as Dani whenever she talks about you, I don’t know you by any other name.”

“Oh, it’s alright! I was just saying that you can also call me Danica, or Dani, if you want to. Uh…Lord Asa, I’m sorry if I didn’t bring any gifts, I came directly after work.” Once again, Danica bowed.

“Hmm…” Asa grinned mischievously. “To visit the devil’s lair without an offering, do you wish to perish?” As he spoke, he slowly shifted back to his devil form, a huge shape of shadowy smoke, engulfing the area in darkness. Only the blue in his eyes and his grin shone, brighter than diamonds.

“I’m sorry! No!” Danica clasped her hands together.

“Perhaps…you could offer your soul?” Asa’s shape neared her, creating a terrorizing effect.

“Lord Asa, please…Kris, say some–” Danica was about to turn to Kitty for help, but when her eyes found the siren, she saw that Kitty was stifling a giggle by covering her mouth with both hands.

Kitty didn’t bother holding back anymore. Her laughter went tumbling through the lair. Incredulous, Danica turned to look at Asa again. The devil had once again shifted to his human form, and he was standing there, grinning.

“You two are mean!” Danica concluded.

“We are evil,” the both of them corrected simultaneously.

Danica sighed again. “Right. But I see that you are happy, Kris.” She decided it was unnecessary to ask what their relationship was. They most likely wouldn’t define it in human terms. She considered asking how they were spending their days, but it didn’t seem like Asa would want to give a concrete answer. “Can I come again?” she asked Asa. “If you guys will be here, that is. This is the only lair I know of.”

“You are always welcome,” he answered. “Kitty would want you around sometimes.”

Kitty nodded. “Just you. I’m done with other human beings. They are so complicated.”

“Says the siren who can control hearts,” Asa teased.

“Oh, there is something else I’d like to know, but you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Danica began. “What will you do with Kyron and Giada?” It was a question directed at both of them.

Asa and Kitty exchanged a glance.

“I don’t want to see them again,” was Kitty’s answer. “If I do…”

“You’ll what, kill them?” Asa asked.

“Simply killing is not enough.”

He walked past Danica, and reached Kitty, patting her head. “There will be no blood on your hands, kitten.”

Danica was satisfied. “Send me a note when you want me,” she told Kitty.

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