The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 11

The story took place years and years ago. It was far enough away that Kristene couldn’t remember clearly anymore. Far enough away that perhaps, even if she did remember, her memory would have been distorted.

“So this is the famous island of sirens,” a sailor noted from the ship, studying the quiet island surrounded by mist, not too far away ahead of him.

“It should be,” another said, sounding confused. “But I don’t hear any voices.”

“Aren’t they supposed to be singing?”

There were several other men on the ship who were still watching, not making a comment. Most of them were excited to discover the island, but at the same time worried about what the sirens could do to them.

“Isn’t that because you’re wearing earmuffs?” an annoyed voice said.

“Oh. Right.” The speaker took off his earmuffs. “But I still don’t hear anything.”

“Then you’re deaf,” the same annoyed voice snapped.

“Then, Kyron, do you hear any voices?”

“I hear her song.” Clearly, Kyron was displeased that his mates didn’t hear the song that he could make out so well. “What I don’t understand is why you guys can’t hear it. It’s obviously a siren’s song.”

His comrades paused for a moment in bewilderment. None of them seemed to have heard the female’s voice.

“Maybe she’s particularly interested in you, Kyron,” one of them said. “I heard they do that sometimes. And you are the best of us in terms of looks.” The last line came with a chuckle.

“I’m your commander,” Kyron corrected. “But I’m not surprised if the siren wants me most.” Narcissistic, he, too, believed that it made sense if the siren was more interested in him than the others. “It doesn’t matter if she wants me. Remember what we came here for.”

“Aye, captain!” The rest saluted.

Kyron issued the order. “Capture the siren.”

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