The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 11

After debating with Danica the whole day, Kyron changed his mind, if only a little. In the early days that followed Kristene’s departure, his heart was filled with only hatred. But it had been months, and in this period, many people asked him about Kristene. Every one of them except Giada insisted that he find out the truth from Kristene herself.

Of course he didn’t listen. He wasn’t the type to be easily affected. But after talking with Danica, he realized something.

The first thing was that Giada had been planning to shoo Kristene away from the start, and that she was planning it so secretively that even Kyron failed to notice.

The second thing was that, everyone except Giada spoke for Kristene. At first, he’d thought, “She’s seduced them all”, but one thing leads to another. It wasn’t only men that spoke for Kristene, there were many ladies among them. That meant Kristene’s power was enough to convince all of humanity to like her. If so, why hadn’t she done anything with Giada? It couldn’t be because she was incapable.

Now, he was sitting on the beach in between North and South. Kristene emerged from the ocean and sat on a nearby rock, staring at him with a blank expression. Her physical beauty hadn’t changed a bit, but Kyron was sure that she’d changed–the cheerful gleam in her eyes was gone, replaced by a dark glare, undoubtedly the work of the devil.

“I knew it,” he concluded with the starting statement. “You’ve changed.”

Kristene sighed. “If you’re so smart, how can you be so blind to the truth?”

They often say that the ones who know you best, hurt you most. That dawned on Kyron, because he knew that she knew just what it took to injure him. It was just that she’d never planned on using that information. She’d changed, she’d definitely changed. The Kristene he knew would never hurt him on purpose.

“What truth?” he defended. “The truth is right in front of my eyes. You’ve changed.”

“…” Kristene was quiet for a moment. Kyron thought she was agreeing with him with that silence, but he was wrong–her blank expression was replaced with an eerie smile, one that didn’t reach her eyes. “I will show you the truth, then.”

Still sitting upright, she opened her palm. The hologram that was shown there told him everything he’d wished he didn’t have to know. He knew he took her wings, he knew he’d deceived her, but those weren’t the scenes she was showing. She was showing him Giada–her insults, her schemes, her mind games.

“Why are you showing me this?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“This is the whole reason I will have nothing more to do with humanity,” she told him. “Why do you think I didn’t speak to her? Because I don’t like her?” She folded the hologram away. “It was for you. Need I explain more?”

“No need. I already know you are the worst. If you were the same person I’d known before, you wouldn’t–”

“Wouldn’t what? Wouldn’t tell you I had feelings too? Wouldn’t nag at you about Giada? But Kyron, these are the exact things I didn’t do. Who are you to tell me who I am? You never knew me.”

He took a moment there, trying to read her expression. Nothing spoke anything other than finality.


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