Rella | Chapter 11

“Well, you sure do look messy,” Roderick commented when he saw Cleo.

“Who cares? Let’s go!” Cleo pulled roughly at Roderick’s sleeve. Together, they watched a baseball game. They cheered together and punched each other excitedly at times.

After the game, she asked, “Why did you suddenly decide to watch a game with me?”

“Because I’ll be going to the ball tomorrow and you’ll be lonely?”

Cleo slapped the back of his head. “I’m perfectly fine without you, idiot.”

He winced in exaggeration and whined, ” Okay, okay! I get it. Cleo doesn’t need me!” Roderick began to walk faster and disappeared into the crowd ahead.

“Hey!” Cleo shouted above the noise, hurrying to catch up but clumsily tripping over people instead. “Wait up, Roderick!”

“Nope,” he called from the front, grinning teasingly.

Cleo covered her mouth as she yelped, tripping once again. This time, she fell on her knees for real. Roderick rushed to her and picked her up swiftly from the ground before anyone could accidentally kick her or fall over her. He jogged to a nearby bench under the shade and put her down.

“Are you okay? Did you scrape your knee or break a bone?” he asked, looking for wounds.

She started giggling quietly. Her giggles turned into laughter.

“What?” Roderick demanded.

“I don’t break that easily,” Cleo said in between hysterics. “Thanks for the ride, though.”

Roderick glared at her for a moment. Then, he rubbed the top of her head. “At least you’re okay.”

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