The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 12

At the time that one thing is happening, many other occurrences are also taking place. Most of the time, we are not aware of those other occurrences, simply due to the fact that we are preoccupied with whatever is happening within our own spheres. But here’s the thing.

Kyron was walking with Giada along the street one day, after what he deemed as the last time he would ever meet Kitty. They were on their way to Danica’s place. The sweet girl–the only pure human in the lot–had invited them over two weeks ago, just to hang out.

“Now we can forget all about Lady Kristene and Lord Asa,” Giada said. “You said she didn’t seem like she was interested in taking this territory over, right?”

Kyron nodded, but he wasn’t so sure about Giada’s former statement. Lord Asa’s Cheshire grin was unforgettable. It was a grin that ensured the devil had something up in his sleeve. “She seemed more interested in killing me, but not my territory.”

It was true. That day, after Kitty had finished explaining everything, after she made sure that Kyron was feeling as guilty as she’d wanted him to, she had her hands around his neck, and her will to end his life was burning in her eyes. He’d always known, but never felt for himself until then, that a female’s strength could be overwhelming when she’s angry.

Yet Kyron was still alive, because Lord Asa showed up just then. “No blood on your hands, kitten,” the devil said cordially to Kitty, his dark shadows rising from behind her. He placed his pale clawed hands on hers, and she let go of Kyron. “The world would be boring without them,” Asa said.

Kitty nodded in agreement. The next second, they were both gone, having vanished in the air without leaving a trace, as if they were never there. They hadn’t shown up ever since either. If it weren’t for Kitty’s wrath, which had left a permanent mark on Kyron’s neck, he might even have questioned whether the dark duo had ever existed.

So, as Giada and Kyron made their way through the streets to reach Danica, Danica was on the other side of the world, talking with Asa and Kitty.

“He doesn’t know, right?” Kitty was asking.

Danica shook her head. “I haven’t told him that I still see you.”

“In other words, Master Kyron is being taken as a fool, thinking Dani is a victim of his selfishness, but in fact, Dani actually gets to visit Kitty now without his interference.” Asa deliberately made it sound like Danica was committing a crime along with the two of them.

“Well…” Danica lowered her head for a moment, but raised it again. “I feel sorry for Kyron too, but he was wrong.” She took both of Kitty’s hands. “I apologize to you as well, Kris, for failing to notice back then. Whatever you two plan on doing, you have my full support.”

“Thank you, Dani.” Kitty beamed.

“It’s about time,” Asa announced. “Allow me to be your transport.”

With that said, Asa and Danica disappeared. After transferring her to her house, Asa returned.

“So…” He dragged out the single syllable. “How are we going to take over the world, kitten?”

“I don’t know about you,” Kitty answered, “But I’m going to sing.”

“That’s right.” Asa approved. “The story is yours to tell. Before Kyron and his witch finish their potions, sing your story, and I will make sure the world hears your voice.” There, he snickered. “It would be interesting to see what they would do then.”

With that said, Lord Asa expanded his shadows, and the whole land would see a very dark cloud loom over the skies. As rain fell, clear droplets of Kitty’s voice landed upon every household, every pedestrian who’d forgotten to bring an umbrella, every inch of the land.

“Sing me your new song, my little robin,” the song began.


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