The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 14

We all have times in the past that we no longer want to think about. That is especially true when we have a reputation to uphold. It was the case for Lord Asa as well. He was the devil, the one who had the ability to terrorize anyone in and out of his realm, but he too, like many others, had a past.

Back in the day, he wasn’t even aware that he was a powerful being. The reason was that, for all of the most powerful ones, power was not activated unless the owner of that power willed to do so. Without knowing he had the power, he had no will to use it.Without the will the use it, he wasn’t aware that he was no ordinary being.

Back in the day, Asa was the ordinary guy, and Kristene was the ordinary mermaid, with wings. But the devil, although unknowing of his identity, was still the devil, and he had quite a lot of rivals who hated him to the core.

That day, he was sitting on a cliff, gazing at the sea. Beside him was a girl named Katie. They were not conversing, but the atmosphere around them was warm and fuzzy. Words were not needed to describe the situation they were in. Katie was the daughter of a duke, and Asa was the prince of the kingdom. They met each other through their families, and all was going well.

That was, until rapid footsteps came running from behind them.

“Asa!” Katie called in alarm, being the first of the two to see the shape of an armed man charging at them–or, more specifically, at Asa.

“Watch out!” On the other hand, Asa was more concerned for Katie, worried that she might get involved in his personal relationships with other princes and dukes who, for the most part, disliked him. He shoved Katie to the side, and at the same time, he was shoved into the sea.

Ah, if only I knew how to swim.

Those were his only thoughts as he fell.

As for Kristene, she had just lost her last relative on the island. To recover from grief, she dived into the waters, wandering around without purpose. While wandering, for a moment, she looked up at the surface of the water. The sun looked blurry from where she was, but she could still see it. Her eyes remained fixated on the blurry sun, until a dark shape intruded the sight. It looked human. She swam up to meet the shape, and cradled him in her arms. Without further ado, and without thinking, she swam up with the human in her arms, hoping to get him back on shore before he stopped breathing, and without being seen.

As the siren carried Asa up, there was a second when he opened his eyes, only to lose consciousness again soon after. In that second, he saw two things–the blurred face of a girl carrying him, and the sun above the surface of the water. He could see the light, he knew he had a chance to reach there, but his arms were too tired to try. Why not leave it all up to fate?

Thinking that, he closed his eyes again.

When they emerged from the water, they were nowhere near the shore. Kristene looked around, and brought him first to her island. Yes, she could bring whomever she wanted to the island now. There was no one else there, anymore. Perhaps, it would soon be emptied completely.

She placed him on the ground. She knew that the humans would try to do some kind of resuscitation, but she knew not how to do that. She did know, though, that the mermaid (siren)’s songs were magical. She needed only to sing.

When the song was over, the human opened his eyes. Those eyes fell upon her. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Kitty,” she answered automatically. Then, she gasped and covered her mouth. In a flash, she knocked Asa out again with her bare fists. What if this human remembered her name and reported back to the hunters? Even though the day of her extinction might come, she still wanted to live for as long as she could.

Oh well. A man can survive one punch. Kitty, who later on forgot her name after a long time of having no companion, rushed her visitor to the nearest beach, where he was found and saved.

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