The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 15

“We…met before?” was Kristene’s conclusion.

“We didn’t just meet, lady. You saved my life and woke up the devil.”

Kristene tried her very best now, to recall this memory. Yet, however hard she tried, she couldn’t find the image of Asa in her mind. How could she forget, if she’d saved somebody from drowning?

“That still doesn’t explain how you know about Master.”

“It’s about time you stop calling him ‘master’, Lady Kristene,” he said. “In fact, once you remember everything he made you forget, it’s about time you stop calling yourself Kristene too.”

“It does sound better than Kitty though.”

“Here, kitty kitty,” Asa mused, cooing at her.

Kristene growled.

“Now, don’t you wish you could fly out and throw me a punch?”

“I do indeed!”

“Well, then, let’s confirm what I said. Once we confirm it, though, there is no going back. Nothing will be like it was before.”

That line made her hesitate. If Kyron really did what Asa said he did, then he had acted in front of his comrades, ordering them to capture Kristene, while carrying out a plan of his own to capture her, and her wings, to obtain power, to become “Master Kyron”, the only one who could get the siren’s love and care. And, at the same time of acting in front of his comrades, he would have acted in front of Kristene too.

If that was true, he would be deemed more evil than Lord Asa himself, more evil than the dark powers that were conversing in the same room now.

“Humans,” she said, “Are so dangerous.”

“Don’t be afraid, Kitty,” Asa said. “Don’t forget who I am.”

“You’re the one who was bound by chains, yeah.”

“That won’t happen again,” he promised. “Power works on anything but oneself. You and I together, can accomplish anything. Why don’t we go get your wings back?”

“If you’re as evil as you claim to be, why would you get my wings back?”

“Oh, but of course,” he mused again, as if the answer was obvious. “Because you saved my life and made life a lot more interesting for me. Imagine how dull it would be to die a human being!”

She accepted this reason. “How do we get there? If you can’t swim and I can’t walk, how do we travel?”

“Let me borrow a piece of your mind,” he said. In the next moment, Lord Asa shifted into a dark fog again, closing his eyes. The fog entered the water and into Kristene’s head. He spoke then, from her mind. “Master Kyron’s magic starts as soon as you enter his house. You might have stayed there a lot in the past, but don’t go there now. You will only forget again.”

“If I don’t go to his house, how do we get my wings back?” she thought to Asa.

“Don’t worry, Kitty, he’s looking for you already.”

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