The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 16

When Kyron arrived at what he knew to be Lord Asa’s lair, he couldn’t feel the dark presence like he did just a few days ago. Up in the sky, he had a bad feeling about this change. Lord Asa was after Kristene, he was sure. Asa probably knew that Kristene was more innocent than her reputation was, and he must have known that she was more ignorant than she seemed too. Kristene was Asa’s only worthy rival. If Asa knew her true nature, he would destroy her mercilessly.

The worst part was, Kyron was sure of how Asa would do it.

Asa would tell her everything.

And if Kristene should confront him, he had no defense. It was true that he had deceived her. It was true that he was hiding things from her. It was also true that he had taken her wings.

Kyron shook the thought off, at least for the moment. He needed to find her first.

So he headed back to the island. If Asa didn’t want Kyron in his lair, he would want him on her island, where Asa could devour him in secret, and then Kristene.

No one would find out, if they were buried in Kristene’s siren cave.

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