Rella | Chapter 16

“Come in, Roderick,” Cleo invited when he rushed to her house later that day. She turned the music on and they danced together for the last time.

She didn’t say anything. She didn’t tell Roderick that she was too afraid. She didn’t tell him she already had everything packed inside her room, and that she would leave the town as soon as her father returned with her car at night. She didn’t tell him that she never fit in in this materialistic town, or that even if his feelings were real, they had been friends too long for it to work out.

All these thoughts filled her mind as she let her body move along with the music. As Roderick thought he was accepted, she tried her best to memorize every touch, every step…

And she wanted him to remember her smile. She wanted him to remember the feminine smile she flashed at him when the song ended and she told him to go home. “See you around,” she’d said.

Even as she closed the door on Roderick, she could already see the following morning, when he would call her and tell her to get up, only to realize that she was gone.

As she sat on her bed that evening, the phone rang.

“Cleo, I’m outside your door with the car. Are you sure you want to move out?” came her father’s voice.


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