The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 18

Kyron had always been a lover of the sea. Before he had wings, he used to dive. He enjoyed the tranquility, he loved the sensation of the waves, he liked to look up at the surface of the water from under it. The ocean was an interesting place. Though danger lurked in every corner, it was an interesting place to be, to wander.

Long before Asa met Kitty for the first time, Kyron had already seen her. At the time, he had been diving, and at first, he’d thought he was hallucinating. As he swam closer, it was clear to him that it was real.

He saw Kitty, stroking a starfish, singing a mournful song about how she’d lost everyone to humanity. By her appearance, he understood that she was most likely a siren, and not a mermaid. Yet, she acted nothing like a siren. Was it because her friends and relatives didn’t know how to act like real sirens that they were caught? He didn’t know for sure.

If the last siren remained the way she was, she, too, would be caught one day. Kyron wasn’t sure why he wanted to stop that from happening, but he did. When he got back on shore, he began his plan.

A well-cooked plan, perfect as his potions were, that would ensure Kitty stayed within his reach, under his protection, without feeling chained. A well-cooked plan, that would keep the rest of humanity from hunting her down, that would keep the devil from devouring her.

First, he needed to locate the devil. Up to that moment, there had been no trace of the devil, but everyone knew he must exist. He was definitely hiding somewhere in the world in a human body, living a human life, waiting for the perfect moment to show his true form. Kyron would expose him before he saw his chance.

Kyron came from the North, and so he set off for the South.

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