Rella | Chapter 2

Toying with her long curled hair with an index finger, Sharon waited outside a jewellery store. Once again, she checked her royal purple purse to see if all her accessories were there. From aloof, there was a figure advancing towards her.

Sharon sighed in relief. Then she pouted. “You’re late again!” she complained to the figure in baggy pants and over-sized T-shirt, with a white cap on a head of messy hair.

“Okay, okay. Sorry about that. I was trying to tie my hair into a bun,” the tomboy apologized.

Sharon sighed. “Cleo…when are you going to start acting like a girl?” Without a word, she removed Cleo’s cap and combed her hair. After that, she tied Cleo’s honey-brown hair into a neat bun.

“So, um, Sharon? Why did you bring me here?” Cleo asked, re-adjusting her cap.

“Roderick is taking me out to a high-class diner tonight. I want to renew my jewelry box.”

“He’s paying, right?” Cleo asked.

“Of course he is.” Sharon smiled sweetly.

“But I know nothing of jewelry,” Cleo clarified.

“Just watch and learn then.” Sharon winked.

This time, it was Cleo’s turn to pout. “Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you have to be girly.”

Sharon chuckled. She ignored the comment. Instead, she asked, “You and Roderick are pretty close, right?”

Cleo nodded.

“How about you and him meet up this afternoon and ask him what he wants to see?”

“What he wants to see?” Cleo tilted her head, confused.

“What he wants to see on me,” Sharon specified.

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