Gods | Chapter 2

Mingan continued his days of observation in Cleathan Hall. Even with his dark hair practically covering an eye, he noticed more than anyone else. The champagne glass in his hand was merely a decoration. To him, Beatris seemed to be the only suspicious thing in Cleathan Hall–besides himself. She would glide through crowds with no difficulty, as though she were the transparent air.

The other day, Beatris had been leaning against a wall when a male human approached her. Mingan almost choked in surprise that anyone could actually see her.

The male was taller than Mingan, with a style completely different. While Mingan belonged in the shadows, this guy seemed to belong in sunshine.

“Clean” was the word that popped into Mingan’s mind.

That was before the guy roughly grabbed Beatris’s arm and led her out of Cleathan Hall.

Anyone involved with her would not be so simple.

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