The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 2

“I heard Kristene’s song all the way from my place,” a guy named Miles was saying, enthusiastically. His eyes were shining even as he was speaking.

“So you came to see her,” Kyron added.

“Yes, I did. I came to see her.” Miles feasted his eyes on the siren, as most men did. Kyron knew what it meant, and he took that moment–when Miles was too busy looking at Kristene to notice him–to smirk. Cheap human men.

“Would you like to follow my song?” Kristene invited with a charming smile.

“Of course,” Miles said.

And so Kristene backed away from Miles, swimming towards her island again. Along the way, she began singing. Miles excused himself and ran full speed in the direction of the island.

When he arrived, she was sitting on a smooth rock, combing her hair with her fingers alone. “Kristene,” he greeted. “How do you have such a beautiful voice?”

“I was born with this voice,” she answered. “Do you like it?”

“Of course I like it!” he exclaimed. “And you are beautiful too, as a whole.”

“Yes I am. You mean my feminine figure and my mesmerizing eyes.” Her pride was not without reason. It was too obvious that the top half of her body aced all the modelling standards for petite women. There was no denying that her eyes lured Miles in, as they did most other people. Her smirk seemed to suggest an idea, but she didn’t need to tell it.

Miles felt his ears flush. “Um…I mean, uh…Kristene.”


“What do you like?”

“To sing.”

“Your songs are all sad. Sad love songs.”

“Yes, they are.”

“Why? Don’t you love?”


“I mean, aren’t you and Master Kyron, um…a couple?”

“Master is master, Miles. He is a man with powerful wings, I am a woman with a powerful tail. These are fundamental differences.”

“You say that all the time, but everyone knows you two are close.”

“We are close. He supports my living.”

“But you’re not a couple?”

“We are not.”

“Is that why you sing sad love songs? Because you like each other but you are fundamentally different?”

Kristene showed a cheerful grin. “I don’t believe in love at all, Miles. I sing for the sad souls who do believe in it. Sad souls like yourself.”

“Sad…soul? Me? I’m happy just getting to spend a few minutes with you. You’ve got so many visitors.”

“Yes, sad souls like you.” At this point, she put a finger under his chin and leaned in only slightly closer. “Come again another time. I have another appointment.”

“Yes, ma’am. I sure will.”

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