Legend | Chapter 2

As I’d mentioned before, I had good reason to pay Drew attention. As of now, we were in the same classroom, we were classmates, but the first time we met was far before then.

It was a few months before school started. I had gone to sleep one night, and in my dream, I was standing under a cherry blossom tree—or so I believed. Of the whole vague dream, I could recall only two things.

One, that the tree was sheer pink. Sparkling pink.

Two, there was a male figure in a dark cloak. With his blue eyes blaring into mine, he uttered, “Red irises.”

That male was young, probably barely older than me. Yet, with the cloak on him, and the mature attire that he wore, accompanied with the serene expression that he was wearing, he seemed to be bearing something heavier and older than the age of his appearance. I awoke with that serene look on my mind, and kept thinking about it—what if that person was a real one?

Soon enough, I moved to another district, transferring to another school in the process. On the first day of school, I had entered the classroom before anyone else, and I simply sat there, staring out the window. Twenty minutes later, the second person arrived. Curious to see what kind of people my new classmates would be, I glanced out the door.

It was him. The guy in my dreams—literally.

It shocked me enough to get me gaping at him for a few seconds before I realized that he was staring at me too, with a frozen wide-eyed look, just standing at the door.

If I had ever doubted for a second that I had recognized the wrong guy, that doubt was gone as soon as it appeared.

Maybe I was shy, or maybe I felt that there was something I’d better not find out. Either way, I didn’t speak to him. I shifted my gaze back to the window absent-mindedly, and he walked to the other end of the room, not paying me any attention.

We didn’t communicate, but in my mind, I dubbed him—“Legend”.

And that was the first day.
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