The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 22

Yes, Kyron had done all that just to keep Kristene with him. He located the devil, exposed him, then gathered his followers, in the name of “capturing the last siren to chain the evil forever”. When his crew reached Kitty’s island, he parted with them in secret, stealing the siren away before they reached her. Taking her wings was the only way to bring her with him at the time. As he had observed, she wasn’t very good at navigating the skies, and if he had her wings, he could ensure that she would be in his arms.

After taking her to his home, he calmed her nerves with potions, and she fell asleep there in his tub. Since then, she started to grow attached to him, convinced that the outside world misunderstood her, convinced that Kyron was the only mortal man immune to her songs, convinced that he was the only one that could protect her, and allow her to devour as many souls as she wanted to.

Why didn’t the rest of the world pursue her? It was because the crew that came with him, all perished at sea. As for the rest, Master Kyron had persuaded the world that he had signed a blood contract with the siren, that she was in his control. It wasn’t the fear of the siren that kept people from harming Kristene. It wasn’t even the fear of releasing the devil.

It was because they saw that Kyron was capable of chaining the devil, and taming the siren. It was Kyron they feared.

Clever as he was, Kyron was very much aware of the fact. There was no turning back, he knew he would be alone for as long as he lived, due to the fear of the people, with only Kristene as his company. And he knew, too, that he must give up the ocean, once he acquired her wings. Kristene could swim with her wings on, but he couldn’t. He didn’t have the fish tail to help him with.

Easily, he gave up the ocean and took to the skies instead. He was sure, as long as Kristene stayed loyal to him, the devil wouldn’t have a chance, and she in turn would be safe. As long as she was safe and happy, she would continue staying with him.

It was a perfect plan.

Where did it go wrong?

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