Gods | Chapter 3

The doors of Cleathan Hall closed as guests left. Mingan stood in the shadows next to the staircase until they were all gone, then followed one of the gods. He knew there was a place to go to, for gods that were tired or injured–gods that needed “health renewal”. The god Mingan chose to follow seemed to be in that state.

They reached the entrance of a cave. Mingan watched as the god jumped into a slide. The slide led her into a pool of colorful liquid. She dived in and stepped out again in a moment. After that, she left through another hole.

Mingan, too, left.

Since the man of sunshine pulled Beatris out of Cleathan Hall, she hadn’t been seen. Tonight, as he walked away from the mouth of the cave, he caught a glimpse of the girl standing under the moon with the same guy. Mingan slipped into a handy shadow.

“Beatris,” the guy was saying. “I don’t know how this happened, but there needs to be a way to deal with it.”

“I know,” she said. “There isn’t.”

“What about the kid? Do you want him to keep being weakened?”

She shook her head. She looked up at him with doe eyes Mingan never thought she could have.

The guy lifted a hand to caress her cheek. Her first reaction was to flinch away, but took a step closer the next second.

“It’s okay for me,” he said. “Remember that.”

“I know, Pauloc,” she said. “I just can’t get used to it.”

The guy named Pauloc chuckled. He bent down to kiss her forehead. Then, he said, “Let’s go home for the day. I’ll keep the kid in my room.”

“Will he listen to you?” she asked.

“I hope so.”

Beatris sighed, and the two walked away.

Mingan creased his brows and looked around. There were two gods, a male and a female, standing not to far away from where Pauloc and Beatris had been. Mingan decided to pass by.

“They’re kind of sad,” the male said.

“Beatris and Pauloc?” the female asked.

“Yeah. Beatris mainly.”

The female sighed. “It’s so rare that there would be a human that isn’t affected, but you would think their kid would inherit that!”

“Too bad he didn’t.”

“What will they do about it, I wonder?”

“Beatris will probably suck up all of the poor kid’s soul before they can come up with a solution.”

Mingan took in a sharp breath. He knew Beatris was suspicious……

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